Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Will The Federal Ban On Flavored E-Cigarette Pods Serve Its Purpose?

The ban would barely impact the use of vaping devices among the youth, according to one analyst, and will simply burden adults who are trying to switch.

The Trump administration is set to ban most fruit and mint-flavored vapes in an attempt to curb teen usage.

The modified policy would pull pod-based flavored vaporizers off the market that are made by companies such as Juul, NJOY Holdings and Reynolds American.

The policy would still allow menthol- and tobacco-flavored e-cigarette pods, as well as “open-tank” vaping devices.

Analyst Says Ban Will Have Hardly Any Impact On Use

Reason Foundation policy analyst and Young Voices tobacco policy contributor Jacob Rich commented on the news for Fox Business.

Only 23% of teens say that flavors play any role in their choice, with curiosity being the No. 1 reason for trying vaping by far, Rich said.

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Vapes have helped reduce smoking rates among all age groups, he said.

The ban would barely impact the use of vaping devices among the youth, in Rich’s view, and will simply burden adults who are trying to switch, he said.

Study Shows Adolescents Who Use E-Cigs More Likely To Use Cannabis Later On
Photo by lindsayfox via Pixabay

Siegel Asks Whether Ban Is Comprehensive Enough

American physician Dr. Mark Siegel also joined Fox Business to talk about the ban, and said that it almost goes far enough, referring to so-called “puff bars,” or disposable imitation cartridges that are flavored and include nicotine.

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“There’s a culture of vaping, and a lot of the same people who are vaping e-cigs are also turning around and vaping marijuana-based products, but before they used to have a joint, and now they have vaping devices. So I think it can have a carryover and indirect effect.”



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