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Willie Nelson’s Advice To Jeff Sessions: Enjoy Some Weed

Willie Nelson is a name ubiquitous with cannabis. Think of him as America’s marijuana-smoking uncle, if you don’t already. He has his own cannabis line Willie’s Reserve and his wife Annie recently started her own edible line. Now let’s talk about his thoughts on Jeff Sessions.

So you wouldn’t be surprised to learn Nelson has some thoughts regarding cannabis and our culture’s current relationship, including the man who serves as Attorney General. An important reminder: Sessions has previously said marijuana is only “slightly less awful than heroin” and could be escalating a new war on drugs in Washington.

Nelson had some ideas regarding Sessions’ notorious anti-cannabis stance, especially that part about heroin. As he told the Rolling Stone, maybe Sessions just needs to try it.

Nelson’s comments via Rolling Stone:

I wonder if he’s tried both of them [marijuana and heroin]. I don’t think you can really make a statement like that unless you tried it all. So I’d like to suggest to Jeff to try it and then let me know later if he thinks he’s still telling the truth!

Of course, as media publications ask all public celebrities these days, the conversation veered into Trump’s presidency and whether Nelson would consider running for President himself (remember: Nelson is 84 years old). Though he flirted with the idea of a Nelson Presidency, he said eventually he “sobered up.”

“I think you can do more with music than you can with arguments and politics. I think a song will reach more people than any other thing,” Nelson also told Rolling Stone. “There’s a reason that it’s called “harmony”: When you play a show, there’s an energy exchange with the people that is unimaginable. It’s the reason I go out there. I get something out of it too.”

Read the rest of Nelson’s Rolling Stone interview here.


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