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Would Denver’s ‘High Costs’ PSAs Deter You From Smoking Weed?

Back in November 13, Denver voters approved a 3.5% tax that would be used to regulate cannabis, as well as enforce cannabis reform efforts. The tax also was designed to collect resources for education efforts around informing the city’s youth about using cannabis and the potential long-term consequences that might have. One campaign resulted in the first cannabis game show for kids called “Weeded Out.”

The city also recently launched a new “High Costs” campaign, which includes 15-second PSAs that feature pizza, burritos, and wacky, waving, inflatable, arm-flailing tube man. These ads aim to teach youth how expensive weed habits can be, how marijuana offenses could deny students federal financial aid, and inhibit motivation.

“Our High Costs campaign is designed to help Denver’s youth understand the legal, educational, health and social risks that come from using marijuana underage,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said. “Conversations about marijuana happen everywhere, and our goal is to provide facts that are not only accurate about the risks and realities of marijuana use, but that resonate with youth across Denver.”

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Give credit where credit is due: the city of Denver wants to discourage teen marijuana use and educate them about potential consequences. This is both positive and noble. But are these all that effective? Would watching an inflatable man sink over himself make you second guess using?

Who knows. Maybe I’m only capable of looking at the ads as a 26-year-old dude instead of a whippersnapper teenager. Watch them below to decide for yourself.

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