Florida Will Have Cool And Comfortable Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The idea is to make patients feel comfortable buying medical marijuana, to make a mother with a sick child or a sick parent – or herself, who is dealing with an ailment.

7 Great Weed Products You Can Order On Amazon Right Now

Winter is here, which means you should try to stay inside as much as possible....

Congress, Marijuana And PTSD: The State Of The Debate

As we’ve already reported, the University of Colorado conducted the first controlled, clinical trial of whole-plant on PTSD.

Man Busted Because He Thought Marijuana Was Legal In His State

In November, voters in Arizona rejected a measure to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. But Lon Victor Post of Mohave County reportedly didn’t get the message and was arrested as a result.

Fit In 2017: The 5 Best Exercises To Do While High

Smoking a little weed before the workout will make the post-workout high that much better, plus it makes the exercise itself that much more tolerable. Here are the five best exercises to do while high.

The Feds Need To Follow Britain’s Example And Protect CBD Patients

For years there has been a widespread misperception that CBD – or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive marijuana component with several beneficial medical applications – is legal to possess and make under federal law.

TFT How To: 4 Tips For Using Marijuana To Break Monotony

So whether you’ll be signing autographs for four hours, cleaning the house all day, marijuana will make it interesting while keeping you in the moment.

5 Sites Where The Single Marijuana Lover Can Find Love

Are you a marijuana lover looking to connect? In this uber-connected age, there are plenty of options—and apps—to link people who enjoy Mary Jane.

Did You Know: N. America Spent $6.7 Billion in 2016 On Legal Marijuana?

The whole of North America’s legal marijuana trade generated an impressive $6.7 billion in sales last year, according to a recent analysis by industry consulting firm ArcView Group.

Is It True That Marijuana Really Makes You Horny?

For millennia, marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac, but does the herb really work to make you horny or is it all hype?