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Five States Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana in 2017

The outcome of the marijuana legalization movement over the past 12 months will undoubtedly go down in history as the time when prohibition was given its terminal diagnosis and the reality of nationwide reform illuminated on the horizon of a brand New Year.

Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal In Florida: What You Need To Know

The new law took effect across the state, providing patients with a variety of serious health conditions access to medical marijuana.

TFT How To: Making The Perfect Marijuana Tincture At Home

While a nickname like “green dragon” might suggest this is dangerous stuff, making a marijuana tincture at home is fairly easy – just as long as you’re comfortable (read: safe) with the three main ingredients.

Good Morning! Here Are 5 Amazing Cannabis Coffee Products

The combination of coffee and weed — odd as it may seem to you — has, to some degree, arrived. It's on the shelves of your local dispensary. It's available for order in the murk and mire of the internet. We're...

Legal Weed Grows: Boon For Cali Commercial Real Estate In 2017

Legalizing recreational marijuana in California is creating a gold rush for a decidedly less intoxicating sector: warehouses in which to grow the plants.

Test Your Knowledge: The Ultimate Marijuana Math Quiz

We've created a Marijuana Math Quiz to test some of your useful knowledge. See how many questions you can correctly answer below!

As Marijuana Legalization Spreads, Teen Use Lowest In 40 Years

American teens are drinking less booze, popping fewer pills, smoking less tobacco and toking less marijuana, researchers reported Tuesday.

Washington Marijuana Sales Expected Grow To Over $2 Billion By 2020

Arcview Market Research, in partnership with New Frontier Data, has released its Washington Legal Cannabis Market State Profile, which explores the recent significant changes to the state’s cannabis industry.

2016: Americans Are Cool With Mary and Jane Being Legal

Same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization are two social movements that have gained tremendous support over the last few decades. In fact, if you look at the progress both policy issues have made recently, you would think the two are related.

9 Gorgeous Cannabis Truffles To Pair With Champagne On NYE

Even if NYE is another night you're forced to get off the couch, turn off Netflix and go out, there is one thing everyone can enjoy: truffles and champagne.

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Check Out These Easy Marijuana Grow Kits

Any survivalist will tell you that the key to not being eaten alive is always being prepared for the worst before it happens.

5 Types Of Marijuana To Reduce Your Stress

Sometimes the best remedy to super stress is to take in a big breath and exhale a cloud of a good, balanced strain of bud smoke or vapor to bring things back into perspective.

Raleigh Mayor Accidentally Includes Vape Pen In Social Distancing Post

This is notable because North Carolina has no comprehensive medical or recreational marijuana laws.

How To Make It Through Quarantine With Kids Or Roommates

Spending long stretches of time with kids, roommates or even a romantic partner can be a challenge. Here's how you can make things easier for yourself.