Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Jeff Sessions Remains Deeply Concerned About Legal Weed

Jeff Sessions just can’t get marijuana off his mind. One would think that with everything else going on he would have better things to do, but no.

Hawaii’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Finally Opens

Though the state of Hawaii legalized medical marijuana way back in 2000, they didn’t legalize the marijuana dispensaries until 2015.

How Big Pharma Hinders Treatment Of Opioid Epidemic

“A crippling problem.” “A total epidemic.” “A problem like nobody understands.” These are the words President Trump used to describe the opioid epidemic.

Cards Against Humanity Game Makers Giving Big Bucks to Marijuana

Cards Against Humanity, the irreverent, hilarious and sometimes raunchy "party game for horrible people," is getting serious about legal weed.

Task Force Report: Jeff Sessions Stands Alone In Marijuana War

Jeff Sessions' task force on crime reduction and public safety has found no issue with the may marijuana is currently being dealt with in the US.

Cali Ghost Town To Become Inclusive Marijuana Destination

A new marijuana destination is ready to rise in Nipton where the entire town was purchased at a clean $5M by cannabis company American Green, Corp.

Ann Coulter Uses the Word ‘Retarded’ To Describe Cannabis Patients

It seems Ann Coulter is willing to insult the vast majority of people by her use of the antiquated and offensive word 'retarded.'

California Is Growing Way Too Much Weed, And It’s A Problem

California produces 14 to 16 million tons of marijuana, and Californians consume 1.5 million to 2 million tons of cannabis. That's a lot of leftover weed.

Soon, We Could Be Buying Weed From A Vending Machine

Technology company American Green Inc. is developing a vending machine for easy access to age-restricted items, like marijuana.

Here’s What Scientists Don’t Know About Marijuana

We all know what marijuana is not completely understood scientifically. Here are find some of the most pressing questions scientists have.

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