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Peanut Butter On Eggs? The Peculiar Eating Habits of 7 Celebrities

Actor Scott Foley Instagrammed a video of him putting Skippy peanut butter on his scrambled eggs and the internet freaked out.

Why Chance the Rapper Has Already Won The Grammys

What a name for an artist — Chance. Like all labels, names creates an ethos that person eventually assumes. But what does this have to do with the Grammys?

‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ Gets Cannabis Makeover

The premise for Jerry Seinfeld's hit series 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' couldn't be more simple: But add marijuana and it's that much funnier.

Beyoncé Is Joining These Celebrity Parents And Having Twins

Beyoncé is pregnant and having twins. See how normal that sentence looks? Well social media is freaking out and so are we.

‘Ocean’s Eight’ Will Be Your Favorite Beyoncé Song In Movie Form

'Ocean's Eight' is an all-female spinoff of the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy, initially a remake of 1960’s Ocean’s Eleven starring Frank Sinatra.

Celebrities Pay Tribute to John Hurt on Social Media

John Hurt, the British actor known his Oscar-nominated roles in Midnight Express and The Elephant Man, died yesterday at the age of 77. Hurt...

Don’t Call Matthew McConaughey ‘Matt’ Because His Name Is Matthew McConaughey

If you were to witness Matthew McConaughey doing Matthew McConaughey things and cheer him on, screaming, “Go Matt!" That would be bad.

TFT Interview: Talib Kweli Talks ‘Weed Scientists,’ Hip Hop, And Black...

When A Tribe Called Quest released 'We Got It from Here…Thank You 4 Your Service,' there was little doubt we needed to speak to Talib Kweli.

‘La La Land’ Vs. ‘Moonlight’ Is A Boring And Useless Oscars...

La La Land and Moonlight are one-two in this imaginary horse race—or 1A-1B, or top two, or whatever semantic musing you choose because the point is no one will concede the tiniest of details when it comes to either movie.

The Best Of The New “Can Someone Please Tell Me Who...

Last week, a confused young man names James Malcom took a photo with legendary singer and writer Nick Cave and posted it to Twitter...