Saturday, January 18, 2020

Marijuana Legislation

Banks And Marijuana: Will They Stop Doing Business With The Jacob Javits Center Too?

America's banking industry is thumbing its collective nose at the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry. What's the deal with banks and marijuana anyway?

Oregon Joins The Fight Against Jeff Sessions’ Reefer Madness

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is the latest leader from a legal marijuana state to reject ill-informed marijuana claims by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The American Legion Stands Strong Behind Medical Marijuana

This is an effort in a long line for the American Legion, which has been trying to get access to medical cannabis for veterans who so desperately need it.

Hemp CBD Marketplace Will Reach A Billion Dollars In Next Three Years

A new study published by Brightfield estimates the hemp CBD market could become a billion-dollar marketplace within the next three years.

Big Law Firms Advising Cannabis Industry Despite Legal Threat

How do businesses that are conducting operations permissible by state law still federally criminal? This is the reality of the cannabis industry.

The FDA Finally Admitted That Marijuana’s CBD Is Beneficial

The recent growth and popularity of marijuana's CBD has caused the FDA to reconsider and to be a little more understanding of the herb.

Here Is A Cannabis Policy That Can Legalize Weed Safely

A reintroduced cannabis policy offers a more responsible path forward by protecting state's rights and federal law, all at the same time.

An 11-Year Old Girl Is Suing Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana Legalization

Alexis Bortell may only be 11 years old, but she’s already involved in the ongoing struggle to legalize marijuana nationally.

These 11 Statistics Will Change Your Opinion On Marijuana

To showcase the changing perception of cannabis, we compiled 11 marijuana statistics that represent marijuana’s present and its future.

Gavin Newsom Gobbling Up California’s Cannabis Contributions

Gavin Newsom —the current California lieutenant general, has scooped up roughly 98 percent of the cannabis contributions so far.

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The Fascinating Role Marijuana Plays In Sex

Experts have some fascinating news about weed and our sex drives, and it's not quite what we all expected.

How Effective Is Marijuana In Treating IBS?

One of the worst parts of suffering from a debilitating disease is not knowing for certain where it comes from or what causes it. Such is the case of individuals suffering from IBS.

Florida Won’t Legalize Marijuana In 2020 — Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

Legislation would have outlawed home-growing and granted the state's medical marijuana companies a larger monopoly.