New Studies: Opioid Use Lower In States That Eased Marijuana Laws

"We do know that cannabis is much less risky than opiates, as far as likelihood of dependency."

Potential Presidential Candidate Gillibrand Fights For Cannabis Law Reform

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), according to most political insiders, is pondering a run for the White House in 2020.

Despite Legal Status, Texas Businesses Bet On Marijuana

Texas is oil country. Some entrepreneurs are betting it can also be CBD oil, and edibles, and dab, and flower — and so on — country.

Marijuana Pop-Up Markets Thrive In The Legal ‘Gray Area’ Of Washington DC

All you need is a knowledge of the correct keywords and phrases, plug them into either Google, Twitter, or Instagram, and you will find listing for marijuana pop-up shops.

Utah Gov. Says Medical Marijuana Is A Slippery Slope

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is at odds with more than three-quarters of state residents when it comes to medical marijuana.

Do You Qualify? NJ Has A New List Of MMJ Conditions

Phil Murphy took one look at New Jersey’s floundering medical marijuana program and made it a top priority.

Can You Join The Military If You Have A Medical Marijuana Card?

Every year, over 180,000 people enlist in the US military. Whether recruits seek to join...

Sorry Florida, False Alarm On The Marijuana Legalization

No matter how much the economy would have been bolstered, there is still no recreational cannabis to be had in Florida.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: March 28

In Illinois, voters overwhelmingly voted for a non-binding referendum in support of legalization. Find out about that more in our weekly marijuana legislative roundup.

Why Is GOP Senate Leader McConnell Supporting Hemp Legalization?

Hemp is cultivated in some states legally in sanctioned programs, but is currently considered a controlled substance by the federal government.