Medical Marijuana

New York Publishes List Of Doctors Who Will Recommend Medical Marijuana

For more than a year, patients in New York have been unable to find physicians connected with the state’s medical marijuana program.

Here’s Why People Are Upset About Justin Trudeau’s Latest Comments On...

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau made a seemingly tone-deaf comment about legal weed recently—but is he actually out-of-touch?

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Marijuana Smell After Smoking

That marijuana smell is a pungent odor. No one wants their clothes or bags or apartment to reek of marijuana. Here's how to quell that smell fast.

Arkansas Unanimously Passes Statewide Medical Marijuana Regulations

Arkansas unanimously approved rules and regulations with regards to marijuana registration cards as well as testing and labeling the product.

Texas Launching Medical Marijuana Program For Epilepsy Patients

Texas might someday have a comprehensive medical marijuana program, but a low-THC plan for epilepsy patients is within reach.

Fail: Florida Medical Marijuana Bill Bans Smoking, Discourages Doctors From Participating

The Florida Legislature is on a mission to let everyone in the state know that the future of legal Florida medical marijuana is not very bright.

NYC Cannabis And Real Estate Seminar To Be Hosted By Trump

The Cannabis in Commercial Real Estate NYC event takes place May 4 at the Trump SoHo property in New York City. What does this mean for marijuana?

Congress Allots $0 To Jeff Sessions For Crackdown On Medical Marijuana

Jeff Sessions may be champing at the bit work against the legal cannabis trade, but he and the DEA will have to leave the medical marijuana sector alone.

One NJ Marijuana Producer Is Selling More Than Any Other: Find...

A dispensary and marijuana producer located in south New Jersey is leading the state in cannabis products and it's because only they have this one product.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: May 1

There were some major victories last week for those fighting for the reform of cannabis laws — possible changes to our national banking laws were introduced and Colorado took steps to protect cannabis employees from the federal government. Find out about that more in our weekly marijuana legislative roundup.