Thursday, September 29, 2022

Vets Cannot Recommend Medical Cannabis For Pets, But Love It Anyway

Though veterinarians in California are legally barred from recommending pet treats containing weed, medical cannabis for pets is on the rise and many say it’s for good reason.

Just like their owners, dogs and cats get sick or have psychological disorders. Cancer and anxiety top the list of pet problems that have their owners at marijuana dispensaries, picking up the special foods and treats.

The medicine is infused with CBD, not THC, so pets aren’t getting high, they’re getting treatment. This can be extremely important, especially with end of life issues, where the animal needs to be more comfortable.

Quality of life is another big factor. Many dogs, from little to big, have anxiety problems, whether it’s social anxiety, separation anxiety or generalized anxiety. Anecdotal evidence is building fast and the CBD biscuits are changing pets lives for the better.

Already there are plenty of examples on the market and once they start to regulate the process and have dosages down for different sized animals this has the potential to explode in popularity.

Like their human counterparts, pets need medications when they’re ill. Those medications are as much a part of Big Pharma as our own over the counter and doctor prescribed meds. CBD pet treats and medicines could cut down on medication costs for chronically ill pets and put the profits in the pockets of local craftspeople, for now.

With medical or legalized cannabis in 29 states and the District of Columbia, pot infused pet foods could be a major industry, with great monetary value.

There are also the side effects of pharmaceuticals. From upset stomach to kidney or liver damage, CBD is a lot safer for your pets. There are virtually no side effects, the CBD does not get your furry friend high, and marijuana has never been shown to cause a fatal overdose. Never.

So if you are one of the lucky Americans living in a legal state and also have a pet you love who needs some extra attention, head down to your local dispensary and ask some questions. There’s a good chance they’ll already be carrying a pet product or if not that they can get it in stock.



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