Brooklyn Brewery Busted For Making Beyoncé Tribute Beer, Bïeryoncé

Cans of Bïeryoncé hit the stage the week after Thanksgiving to an audience thirsty for the limited-supply pilsner, but then the markers got shut down.

2017 Was The Year People Kept Asking Google “How”

As Google revealed, the most searched item of 2017 was “Hurricane Irma,” the storm that ravaged many. But then there's "how."

A Step-By-Step Guide To Buying Medical Marijuana In Maryland

Four years ago, Maryland passed legislation that permitted the sale of medical marijuana, but establishing the law has taken a very long time.

Gossip: Alex Rodriguez Recording An Album; Justin Bieber To Propose To Selena Gomez

Alex Rodriguez recording an album; Justin Bieber to propose to Selena Gomez!

Do You Love Sauvignon Blanc And Marijuana? This Wine’s For You

California's Rebel Coast Winery is launching what it calls "the world’s first legal, alcohol-removed, cannabis-infused wine."

Cigarettes Are Now Less Popular Than Marijuana Among Teens

According to a recent report, cigarette use has dropped so dramatically among teen users that smoking/vaping cannabis is the more popular choice.

Teens Are Officially Smoking Less Marijuana In Legal States

This week, reefer madness acolytes issued a warning that “young adult use has skyrocketed,” but the latest federal data proves the claim is false.

Should A Doctor Accept A Gift Of Marijuana? Ethicist Says Yes

Last week, Kwame Anthony Appiah, the New York Times resident ethicist, was asked by a physician if accepting a gift of marijuana was OK.

Royal Staff Is Binging ‘Suits’ To Prep For Markle’s Wedding Guests

It's not just The Crown the Windsor Castle staff (presumably) binges on Netflix. "Suits" has now officially been added to the list.

Apparently, Walmart Is Selling Marijuana Christmas Trees

Is marijuana’s public image changing? That’s the question on our minds following the sighting of this Marijuana Christmas Tree available on Walmart’s site.