WATCH: Alien Cake Is The Only Way Parents Should Do Gender Reveal Parties

Pink and blue balloons? Colored lasagna? Gender-less aliens bursting from cakes is where it's at.

This Tourist Attraction May Install ‘Phone Seats’ Amid Rise Of Selfie Deaths

An Irish politician has called for the "implementation of special seating units at certain high-up sites to prevent accidents and boost tourism."

Apple Is Working On A Foldable Smartphone

The patents of Apple's foldable smartphone show a screen that's capable of bending in different directions and at different angles, allowing the device to fold in the shape of a pyramid.

Tiny 20 Seat Restaurant With $60 Tasting Menu Is Named World’s Best

Wolfgat, an unassuming seaside eatery located on the West Coast of South Africa, was recently awarded the title for it's stunning location and indigenous cuisine.

Man Stages Fake DUI Trial So He Can Propose To His Girlfriend

Brandon Dinetz arranged a fake DUI trial that included a judge, a defense attorney and a fictional defendant, while the jury was made up of 17 of Jen Lettman's family members and friends.

This Week’s Music: Jenny Lewis, Wet And Avril Lavigne

Jenny Lewis is back with a country ballad, Wet releases a new indie song, and Avril Lavigne shows us her new pop weirdness.

The Strange And Confusing Reason February Only Has 28 Days

February, the trash heap of the calendar, is half over, prompting us to once again start wondering: What's with the short month? The (equally) short answer — the Romans.

Peppa Pig Is Causing Kids To Speak With British Accents

Peppa is popular with the 2- to 5-year-old set, which is also conveniently the age when kids start to develop their accents, making it the perfect moment for the "Peppa effect" to strike.

This Couple Has Created A Sex-On-Demand Button

A couple, married for 15 years, has created a "love button" that signals to your partner when you want to have sex.

Inside Thailand’s First Licensed Cannabis Plantation

In December 2018, Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize cannabis for research and medicinal use.