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Here’s Why You Need To Be Careful If You’re Investing In...

Executive upheaval, unmet projections, and scandals have rocked the cannabis industry. Here's why investors need to be careful moving forward.

This Week’s Music: Ariana Grande, Haim And Biig Piig

This week's column features yet another Ariana Grande song, Haim's latest single and Biig Piig's ode to summer.

Meme Of The Week: Spinning Monkey Bar Girl Flips Into Our...

This Twitter user spun for what seemed like forever on a monkey bar, inspiring memes around 7/11 hot dogs, Foosball players, rotisserie chickens, spiraling thoughts, and more.

5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through This Week:...

This week's column features plenty of adorable animals. There are a couple of dog videos, including a small bothering a big one, and another featuring a pug hiding inside a watermelon

Raclette Cheese Is The Most Delicious Instagram Trend

The new-ish trend of someone pouring raclette cheese over a dish has achieved tons of notoriety, becoming one of the five most Instagrammed foods in Europe.

Here’s Why There Are No Mosquitoes At Disney World

When was the last time you got bitten by a mosquito at Disney World? The answer is "never."

5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through The Week:...

This week's column features all sorts of animals: there's a couple of great videos with dogs, a charismatic squirrel and a little cat that looks like half plushie and half feral.

‘South Park’ Creators Napalm Corporate Cannabis And Hint At Launching Legit...

Over the weekend, the South Park Studios YouTube page released a video parodying the giant corporate players emerging in the cannabis industry.

This Week’s Music: Sam Smith, Charli XCX And Beyoncé

This week's column features Sam Smith's last single, Charli XCX's contribution with Christine and the Queens, and Beyoncé's work on The Lion King.

Twista Explains How Young Black Men Will Flourish Thanks To Marijuana...

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Twista said how thrilled he is on the positive impact marijuana legalization will make on young, black men.