Friday, August 12, 2022

Believe It Or Not, There’s A Royal Family Protocol For Baby Strollers

The phrase “royal protocol” almost has a life of its own. There’s a protocol for hairstyles, for outfits, for how family members sign autographs, for how they wave hello. There’s also a royal protocol for baby strollers, which is the strangest and nitpickiest addition to this list.

Architectural Digest reports that the royal household has always had their stroller of choice. The Silver Cross stroller has been the royal preferred brand since the 1920’s, carrying every royal baby from the Queen to Prince Louis, the latest addition to the family before the birth of Archie.

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This brand of strollers is known for their timeless designs and for being one of the oldest company of strollers around. If you’re into Prince William and Kate Middleton’s stroller, it’s available if you’re willing to pay the hefty price of $2,300. Silver Cross strollers look like really fancy horse carriages and aren’t the most practical, so, unless you’re planning on marrying into the royal family, it seems like the type of purchase best left for kings and queens.

With the birth of Archie, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to break yet another protocol, choosing to stroll their baby around in a Bugaboo Fox. According to The Mirror, the stroller was a present from one of their close friends, and, unlike the Silver Cross, it’s a practical and sturdy device that allows for walks.

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In conversation, the source revealed that Meghan enjoys to take the baby out for long walks across the Windsor state, especially since her home, Frogmore Cottage, is currently under construction.

“She looks great and she’s enjoying these precious new-born weeks. The new pram is great and perfect for her long walks trying to get Archie to sleep,” says the source.

For those who still want to buy a baby stroller that’s worthy of royal blood, there are a few options that are more functional and economic. They’re all over the $500 range, though.


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