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The Best Twitter Reactions From The 2019 Academy Awards

Following a public string of poor choices and mismanagement, the 2019 Academy Awards were forced to go off script. Crazily enough, the loose vibe that resulted was just what the awards show needed, delivering a sleeker event where forced jokes were kept to a minimum and that managed to end before midnight. By eliminating the host’s position, the award show’s highlights and most memorable moments remained with key musical performances and the shell-shocked speeches of winners.

Despite the fact that Green Book, a very polarizing movie, took the most coveted award of the night, the 2019 academy awards were an overall good program. Presenters were made up of interesting pairings, Spike Lee finally won an Oscar, and a movie about menstruation won Best Short Documentary. Then there was Lady Gaga’s and Bradley Cooper’s musical performance, which featured some of the most impressing televised directing in recent memory.

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From Olivia Colman’s charming and confused Best Actress winning speech to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s palpable sexual tension, audience members took to social media to vent, make jokes and express all of their emotions. Check out some of our favorite reactions below:

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