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Which Oscar Nominees Will Eat The Edibles In Their Luxury Swag Bag?

Another year, another opportunity for the cannabis industry to flood the Oscars with marijuana treats. Yes, in what’s becoming an ongoing trend, top Academy Award nominees will receive a luxurious swag bag, reportedly worth close to $100,000, that will include THC-infused chocolates, CBD skin care products, and more.

By the way, this is not a ringing endorsement of cannabis from Hollywood. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has nothing to do with these swag bags that nominees receive. The party favors are instead put together independently by Los Angeles-based company Distinctive Assets, which was actually sued by the Oscars for copyright infringement a few years back.

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Here’s a list of the cannabis-related items nominees in the acting and directing categories will receive, per The Independent:

  • Coda Signature premium cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and concentrates
  • Age Interventionist Renee Lynn’s CBDRxSupreme protocol
  • High Beauty High Five Cannabis Facial Moisturizer and High Expectations Cannabis Facial Oil Instytutum skincare products
  • An annual VIP membership to MOTA, LA’s first cannabis-friendly social club

“With our California debut just a few months away, Coda Signature is thrilled to partner with Distinctive Assets and take part in this classic Hollywood tradition,” Mark Grindeland, the Co-Founder and CEO of Coda Signature, said in a statement. “We celebrate creative artistry in everything we do at Coda Signature, and we hope that the nominees enjoy our products as much as we enjoy their exceptional contributions to the world of film.”

But who do we expect amongst the nominees will indulge in the cannabis products. Not sure if Bradley Cooper would, but his A Star Is Born character Jackson Maine definitely would. We all know Lady Gaga gets down with the weed. Sam Elliott, in a role where he was basically playing himself, toked up with Nick Offerman in The Hero, a movie that was actually marketed in many California cannabis dispensaries.

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Wait…this is like the whole cast of A Star Is Born! Did they just light up at the end of shoot days?

Other notable suspect who could use the cannabis in their gift bag: Emma Stone, who likes to eat pot brownies then go to Disneyland; Rachel Weisz smoked a joint in that Bernaldo Bertolucci movie Stealing Beauty; Spike Lee is known to support cannabis reform; Kathy Bates admitted her and Melissa McCarthy smoked “some good shit” while filming Tammy; Christian Bale defended Michael Phelps when he got caught smoking weed; Rami Malek was part of that infamous Met Gala bathroom cigarette break in 2017, where I’m 95% positive cigarettes wasn’t the only substance available; Reddit is pretty positive Viggo Mortenson imbibes the green based on a head nod on Bill Maher’s show; and Willem Dafoe shared a joint in Platoon.

My leader in the clubhouse though is Adam McKay. You really think the guy who made Anchorman and Stepbrothers wouldn’t indulge? He even wink-winked about having pot during a Stephen Colbert appearance. Outside the Star is Born triumvirate, McKay seems most likely to partake if he found himself suddenly in possession of edibles. I hope he enjoys them. How else would you expect for the man to get through the four-hour awards ceremony?


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