Thursday, November 30, 2023

DJ Khaled’s Son Asahd Has An Instagram That Will Give You All The Feels

Few expressions are more tender than the love a father has for his son. Depending on your background and upbringing, that declaration can take many forms from the silent acknowledgment, to playing catch, to a father saying outright, “Son, I love you.”

But if you’re DJ Khaled’s son, that love is shared the same way Khaled shares all of his feelings—with the whole world. You might think Khaled Khaled ridiculous with his inspirational sermonizing and never-ending lifestyle updates, but the way his social media obsession manifested with the love for his son is pretty special.

Khaled’s son Asahd has his own Instagram that receives fresh updates constantly. Here is Asahd on the set of Pitch Perfect 3. Here he is chilling with pal Kevin Hart (don’t forget his other pal Justin Bieber). Here he is pulling up to Atlanta on a private jet. These are all transparently written in DJ Khaled’s voice, who frequently comments on his son’s posts with adorable messages. He is perhaps the only parent posting about their child on social media who isn’t annoying.

In case you feel any type of way about this father-son relationship, then Asahd has a comment for you.

DJ Khaled also made Asahd the executive producer of his upcoming album Grateful, and featured him as the album cover for “Shining,” a track with Beyoncé and Jay Z on it. Khaled went on Jimmy Kimmel to detail how Asahd picks tracks (apparently his puke and poops are “blessings”). This has led some to lightheartedly play with Asahd’s posts and his responsibilities as a 4-month-old to executive produce a record.

Anyways, Asahd and Khaled as father and son is a special relationship to see displayed across the internet. Somehow, it doesn’t feel exploitive. Khaled comments on Asahd’s posts with these sweet, goofy comments that showcase his love in a unique way.

All this love might make you call your dad soon and wonder why he never showed you love this way.



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