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Does Justin Trudeau Consume Weed

The prime minister of Canada is responsible for legalizing the recreational use of the drug. Does he consume?

Justin Trudeau is Canada’s prime minister, known for his progressive policies, such as pro-choice and legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. But many politicians have positive outlooks on the drug without placing it as one of their most important policies. It also certainly doesn’t mean they consume weed. But is this true for Trudeau?

There are plenty of occasions where Trudeau speaks about the benefits of legalizing of the drug, claiming that legal marijuana could minimize it’s access to minors and ensure that money doesn’t reach the hands of criminal organizations. He also stressed about the economic benefits legal marijuana would impart on the economy. 

“I have no doubt that Canadians and entrepreneurs will be tremendously innovative in finding ways to create positive economic benefits from the legalization and control of marijuana, but our focus is on protecting kids and protecting our streets,” said Trudeau, while speaking at Economist magazine’s Canada Summit in 2016.

Like many progressive politicians, Trudeau believes it’s important to address the disparity that exists within marijuana arrests, which specifically target minorities and young people.

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When it comes to his personal relationship with the drug, Trudeau is much more open than American and progressive politicians in general, claiming that he’s consumed marijuana and that he’s even done so while being in parliament.

His mother, Margaret, was a full personality which helped shape the future prime minister. “I smoked pot with the best of them and came to love it,” the former Canadian first lady  says on page one of her 1979 book Beyond Reason (Paddington Press). Born Margaret Sinclair in 1948 to a Canadian diplomat, she was the youngest first lady in the world when she married Pierre Trudeau in 1971.

When grilled by journalists who wanted to know whether he regretted consuming the drug, he said, “No, it wasn’t a mistake.” So, while Trudeau may not be a pothead, he might partake every once in a while if the situation is right.


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