Wednesday, February 8, 2023

5 Habits That Will Help You Stay Energized

Your productivity is very much influenced by your stamina. Here’s how you can boost your energy levels every single day.

Energy is the most important factor when it comes to getting stuff done. Your energy levels can be influenced by many aspects. Some are obvious, like sleep levels, while others are more complicated, such as surrounding yourself with people who inspire you.

Luckily, your energy levels can be boosted if you develop some habits. On the surface, these are easy to comply with, but it’s only after committing to them for long periods of time that you’ll start to see positive results.

Scott Young, an expert on productivity and learning, compiled a list of some of the most helpful habits you can commit to when trying to be more energetic and productive. Here are 5 of our favorites:

Go to bed early

The most obvious advice there is for having more energy is also the most important. If you don’t get enough sleep, there’s more odds of you feeling less energetic and having less productive days. Seven to eight hours of sleep is the recommended amount for staying energized and for keeping your mind sharp in the long run.

Use your mornings for the hard work

5 healthy morning habits that are not healthy
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While some people leave important work for the nighttime, this is likely not due to their own choosing. Time constraints, juggling different jobs and other pressures might force you to push off important tasks for later on in the day, leaving you feeling unmotivated and without energy. Young argues that getting the important stuff out of the way during the first 4 hours of your work day is important because it shapes the rest of your day and makes you feel accomplished.

Invest in good friends

Friends have a positive influence on you, especially if conversations with them can make you feel energized and inspired. Focus on these kinds of friendships, the ones that make you feel like there’s a two way relationship where you feel heard but you also get to listen.

Take 20 minute napsheres how you can share your bed without losing quality of sleep

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While naps are considered a luxury, studies prove that they produce some cognitive benefits and that they can motivate you to complete a task late in the day. The most important aspect of naps is to limit them to 20 minutes, preventing it from becoming a long sleep and eating up the rest of your day.

Exercise daily

Going to the gym every day sounds like a tall order, especially if you’re not already in the habit of doing so. Young recommends doing pushups, burpees and other types of exercises you can do at home throughout the day, getting your body moving without taking large chunks of time from your schedule. These can be supplemented with visits to the gym and fitness classes.



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