Wednesday, February 8, 2023

For Some Reason The Chainsmokers Are Making A Movie

DJ bro duo The Chainsmokers join the ranks of singers/musicians who want to do everything, including producing their own damn movies.

Variety reports that Drew Tagall and Alex Pall have formed Kick The Habit Productions, a company that’ll allow them to produce films, television, and all sorts of digital content.

“We are beyond thrilled to have launched Kick the Habit Productions as we continue to bridge the gap between our overall artistic vision, the entertainment industry as a whole and our fans. The age of being only a musician is over and we’re excited to go all-in on this venture to curate, produce and create meaningful projects,” said the group in a joint statement.

Their company’s first project is called Paris, inspired by The Chainsmoker’s EDM hit song which creatively rhymes the words “parents” with “Paris.” Real artistry there. The idea for the movie was pitched by Mickey Rapkin, writer of the “Pitch Perfect” novels which later became the basis of the successful movie franchise.

Dan Marcus, operating officer and president of Kick The Habit, explains that the company’s goal is to become another way for the group to express their artistry and to pursue an authentic life, whatever that means. “Drew and Alex have a deep connection to their fans, not only through their music, but through what they stand for and represent: transcending preconceived limitations, pursuing one’s passion, entrepreneurialism, and a commitment to living an authentic life. They don’t just sing about these themes in their hit songs — it’s who they are,” concludes Marcus.

While it’s great that artists have the chance to express their artistry in different outlets, are The Chainsmokers the right people to do this? Aside from the fact that they’re called The Chainsmokers, these are also the guys who infamously posted the length of their combined penises on their website (“17.34 inches, tip to tip”) and who bragged about the fact that they’ll never be caught drunk in a bar because they’re “way too good at drinking”. They don’t need another outlet.



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