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Gossip: Beyoncé Is The Boss From Hell; Billy Bush Begging For Bill O’Reilly’s Old Job

Beyoncé is a known perfectionist and no one knows that better than the people who work for Queen Bey.

“No detail is too small,” one insider tells Straight Shuter. “After every show she watches her own personal private recording and emails notes. She notices everything, from the shadows the lights make to her hair being out of place. Each staff receives a detailed email of what she likes and doesn’t like no matter what time of day. She has even been known to fire off ‘notes’ at 2am in the morning.”

Beyoncé is also a big believer in silence before every show. “Her dressing room is silent. She is getting in the zone and everything is communicated by her eyes not her voice. She demands a peaceful environment where she can get mentally ready to be Beyoncé.”

Billy Bush Begging For Bill O’Reilly’s Old Job

Billy Bush recently took to social media to talk about about returning to TV, and it wasn’t a coincidence that is was the same time that Fox News Bill O’Reilly was leaving.

“Billy has been begging to return to TV and would love to replace Bill O’Reilly at Fox News or get a show on the network,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “He has been friends with Bill’s official replacement, Tucker Carlson, for years. And would be very grateful for any help that he could give.”

Although Billy is known for his red carpet celebrity interviews, he has grown up around politics as a member of the Bush family political dynasty. “He is just as comfortable talking about immigration as he is talking about The Kardashians,” adds a pal.

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