Friday, September 30, 2022

Gossip: Luann Opens Up About Failed Marriage; False Reports Claim Queen Elizabeth Passed Down Crown To Grandson

Luann wants to know what the obsession with Tom is. Hmmm … could it be that he was constantly caught cheating on her?

“They have all heard things since you’ve been married.”, Andy mentions. What better place to ask the questions they may not get to ask otherwise, than at the reunion?

Bethenny, who received a text message with photos of Tom and another woman last year, appears most vocal. She speaks about her disgust of Tom and how he treated Luann. “Any one of ten things that he’s ever said to you, I’d be crying in the bathroom.”, Frankel says. To which Luann replies, “Why do you think I stayed at the hotel last night?”

Luann may have stayed at a hotel during filming of the show. But she isn’t now. She is having a grand time with family in Switzerland. With so many things taking place in such a short time, it was best the Countess be with family. Rumor is, that’s not all she’s with. She could be with an ex-lover! Maybe that’s why, giving everything, she’s all smiles in her photos lately.

Get ready, Andy Cohen? This will probably be one for the records (or WWHL Vault).

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False Reports Claim Queen Elizabeth Passed Down Crown To Grandson

It’s not official. The Queen of England has not passed down her crown to Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, despite sources claiming she had.

The reports claimed the queen skipped over her own son, Prince Charles, in the line of succession.

We have not been able to confirm the sources or any facts pertaining to the succession of the crown.

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