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Gossip: Prince William Comes To Terms With Baldness; Meghan Markle Wearing Stella McCartney Wedding Dress

Prince William debuted the new look Thursday in London while supporting the Step Into Health program helping to employ veterans in the NHS.

While meeting hairdressers in September, William quipped, “I don’t have much hair, I can’t give you much business.”

Middleton was poking fun at her husband’s lack of tresses back in 2014, she quipped, “The Prince was interested in the alpaca and as I showed it to them the Princess said he should put it on his head,” a farmer at the event told reporters. “She said, ‘You need it more than me,’ and pointed to his head and he laughed.”

Meghan Markle Wearing Stella McCartney Wedding Dress

“Meghan has been talking with a lot of designers but has decided that she wants to wear a Stella McCartney design. Stella is British with a legendary father and Meghan has been talking with the designer about what she wants. She wants it to be modern and young and cool but also very stylish,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “Meghan wants to be a new type of Royal and wants to support British designers, but she also wants to be young and hip and not follow the more tradition sense of style that Kate has.”

For the day in Cardiff, Meghan went for an all-black look, royal protocol be damned. It’s believed that most royal women are encouraged to NOT wear a lot of black, because all-black looks seem funereal. Meghan doesn’t care – she thinks all-black looks chic and modern. Meg wore black skinny jeans by Hiut Denim (a Welsh brand), boots by Tabitha Simmons and a coat by Stella McCartney. The purse is by DeMellier London.

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