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Gossip: ‘RHONJ’ Star Blasts Co-Stars; Taylor Swift’s Music Video Sets Insane YouTube Record

Siggy Flicker may still be one of the newer stars of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but she’s already made a few enemies out of her castmates. Though she’s always tried to act as the peaceful mediator for ladies like Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, the 50-year-old matchmaker says she’s no longer playing nice with her fellow Bravo stars in the upcoming season.

The mom-of-two is putting New Jersey housewives on blast ahead of the show’s eighth season premiere, dishing the dirt on the “toxic” people in her life in a revealing tell-all interview. “This show has exposed me to the consequences of being around people who lack compassion, empathy and tolerance. These people are poison to your life,” she tells the Daily Mail.

“They forgot where they came from and some in my opinion have entitlement issues. When I counsel people who have been victimized, I highlight the need to get rid of toxic people in their lives,” she continues. “Unfortunately, some circumstances make it impossible to walk away, and in those situations I make sure they know to stand their ground and show that toxicity will never win.”

Though she previously said claimed she “loved” all her co-stars, Siggy says she changed her tune when some of them turned their backs on her during the filming of Season 8. According to her, she couldn’t bring herself to forgive and forget after the ultimate betrayal.

“There are a lot of sharks on this show and in life; people who circle around you as predators and are prepared to attack at any moment,” she spills. “I deal with these toxic sharks the same way I advise my clients on how to deal with bullies. You don’t back down. You don’t swim away.”

“The point I’m trying to make is that you must stand up for something or you will fall for anything,” the Cherry Hill native adds. “I practice what I preach, and I do not back down. I am a passionate person and I will not compromise my values.”

Taylor Swift’s Music Video Sets Insane YouTube Record

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, two of the major targets of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” song and video, may purposely be ignoring Swift’s new music, but the rest of the world isn’t—and have helped Swift make YouTube history. (As a source told People of Kimye, “they find it pathetic that she still tries to keep an old feud going. They are not going to give her or her new music any attention. They have more important things to focus on, like their family.”)

Swift now holds the record for the most viewed video in its first 24 hours ever on YouTube. She achieved 39 million views, as the video’s director Joseph Kahn excitedly shared on Twitter.

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