Monday, July 22, 2024

Gossip: Taylor Swift Keeping Relationship Private; Johnny Depp’s Pirate Days Over

After years of exploiting her relationship with famous men, Taylor Swift now wants privacy – demanding her love life is off limits.

“Taylor won’t be writing songs about her new man anytime soon. In fact, she wont even be talking about him. She is demanding secrecy among her pals and wants to keep this relationship on the down-low,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “Every relationship she has had has failed. Taylor blames the media and public spotlight. She wants this one to work and is trying something different this time. She’s not going to speak about him.”

Her new man is British actor, Joe Alwyn, and they were photographed for the first time together sipping coffee and chatting on a balcony on Saturday in Nashville, Tenn.

Straight Shuter will find you, Taylor!

Johnny Depp’s Pirate Days Over

There is a lot of noise coming out from Disney where the fifth ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is falling apart as folks blame Johnny for the sinking ship.

“On Friday night the film made just under $7 million, which is almost a 70% drop from the previous Friday. The movie business is all about money and when a film fails they are looking for someone to blame – usually the film’s star,” insiders tell Straight Shuter. “Johnny’s private life has been a public train wreck and his last few films have been a box office disaster. The Pirates movies are just too expensive to risk making more of them around a star who no longer delivers. Johnny should be concerned, very concerned. It might be time for him to walk the plank.”

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