Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Gossip: Teresa Giudice Running For New Jersey Governor; Kylie Jenner Calling The Twitter Police

Real Housewife Teresa Giudice, isn’t happy just being a reality star, now the New Jersey girl is getting advice that she should run for governor.

“Teresa couldn’t do a worse job than Chris Christie. At first it was suggested that she run for Governor as a press stunt but now she is really thinking about it,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “She has a massive social media following to get her message out and she has a lot of good ideas about how to help her State. Plus, she isn’t going to be shutting down any access to bridges. It’s about time real people took back political power and after her stay in jail, Teresa isn’t frightened of anyone.”

Kylie Jenner Calling The Twitter Police

Be careful what you say about Kylie Jenner on Twitter because you might end up in social media jail.

Twitter-user Zimmerman tells Straight Shuter that after retweeting a naughty item titled “Kylie Jenner Is A Nipple-Freeing Space Queen In New Photo Shoot (NSFW)” that included a note to Kylie to show some class, her account got suspended.

“Isn’t that weird!” Zimmerman told Straight Shuter. “Maybe she marked it as offensive? Twitter said if I deleted it, they’d lift the suspension, so I did.”

Kylie and Twitter need to calm down. Let’s remind them that it was Jenner herself who posted the nipple free picture in the first place!

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