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Gossip: Tom Holland Wore Nothing But A Thong Under His Spider-Man Suit; Gwyneth Paltrow’s Neighbors Hate Her

Because inquiring minds want to know, Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland has revealed what he’s rocking beneath his iconic suit.

“All I have on under that costume is a thong,” he tells Shortlist. “They brought them in on my first day, like, ‘Here are your thongs.’”

“I had serious misgivings,” the 21-year-old British actor continues. “Would my arsehole ever be the same again? But I had to get used to it, even though I was thinking, no way, no way!”

Holland also jokes that the costume, coupled with those skimpy undergarments, made going to the bathroom a challenge on set. “You have to completely disrobe and then put a dressing gown on, but they’re very comfy ones, you can’t walk around in just a thong, can you imagine? And then you race across the lot to the toilet, then come back, get back into it. It’s such a mission.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Neighbors Hate Her

“She’s created an uproar with neighbors on all three sides,” Andrew Rice, a spokesman for one neighbor, Michael MacElhenny, told the New York Post.

The neighbors say the new building is too big, too tall and incompatible with the adjacent houses, and it blocks their views.

Rice said Paltrow — who has owned properties in Amagansett, London, Malibu, Calif., and Los Angeles’ Brentwood area, where a complaint was filed against her for erecting an oversize 9-foot gate — has left “a trail of tears” on two continents.

“Michael and the other neighbors have tried to work with her, and they’ve gotten nowhere,” Rice said.

The Montecito Board of Architectural Review voted in favor of the plans last week when her architect claimed the house had been lowered 8 feet. Rice said the real shrinkage was just 1 foot and that the project was moving forward to the next step based on incorrect information.

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