Thursday, May 30, 2024

What Happened During Nevada’s First Weekend Of Legal Weed?

As for now, Nevada is home to more than 40 medical marijuana dispensaries permitted to sell recreational marijuana as part of the state’s “early sales” program.

Although there was a great deal of uncertainty over whether Nevada’s loyalty to its booze wholesalers would get in the way of the launch of its fully legal, recreational marijuana market, the state officially became the fifth jurisdiction in the nation on Saturday morning that now allows adults to buy cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol.

Both tourists and locals were responsible for the dedicated legion of pot consumers that filled the streets over the weekend to celebrate their newfound freedom to purchase marijuana as part of the state’s newfound taxed and regulated marketplace. The new law, which was approved by the voters in last year’s election, allows adults 21 and over to buy up to an ounce of marijuana from pot shops across the state.

Various reports indicate that hundreds of people lined up outside participating dispensaries in order to take part in this historical event – emptying out ATM machines, listening to live music, and screaming like wild-eyed banshees over the fireworks that popped off in conjunction with the official end to prohibition in the Silver State.

One of the most notable pot buyers that showed up on the scene was that of Senator Tick Segerblom, a lawmaker who has been deemed the “godfather” of the state’s marijuana movement. Segerblom, who is responsible for pushing a number of marijuana-related measures in the upper chamber throughout the years, is excited about pulling millions of dollars out of the mouths of the black market and putting it into state coffers.

“Every time you buy something here, 33-cents is going to taxes. This is the most heavily taxed and regulated industry in the whole state,” Segerblom told CNN affiliate KSNV.

As for now, Nevada is home to more than 40 medical marijuana dispensaries permitted to sell recreational marijuana as part of the state’s “early sales” program. Most of these pot shops – 39, to be exact – are located in and around Las Vegas. However, the law does not permit legal weed to be sold near casinos, so patrons will need to venture away from the infamous Las Vegas strip to find a dispensary.

Some of the latest predictions show that Nevada could generate as much as $60 million in tax revenue over the next couple of years as a result of marijuana legalization. What’s more is this new sin industry is expected to create more than 40,000 new jobs and bring about $7.5 billion in economic activity.


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