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Harmony Korine Plans To Show McConaughey Film In Marijuana Smoke-Filled Theaters

When you see Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine’s newest feature, he wants the theater experience to be one you remember. When Korine says that, he isn’t insinuating graphic fidelity or 3-D vision. Instead, when you see his new stoner comedy Beach Bums, he wants you to watch with clouds of marijuana smoke inside the theater.

Apparently, as Korine told Telerama, he already has 30 theaters in the United States who have agreed to his stunt.

“I would very much like the film, when it was released, to be shown in cinemas that broadcast volutes of marijuana,” Korine said, as translated by Google. “This is possible in some states, such as California, which have legalized this drug for its medical virtues. We already have about thirty rooms that have accepted.”

The movie will star Matthew McConaughey as Moondog, a rebellious and lovable rogue who lives life large, as Deadline describes. Snoop Dogg will also have a role in the film. It’s in the spirit of Cheech and Chong, says Korine, and regards “smokers of marijuana, a little depressive.”

Filming is currently underway in Miami, Florida, where recreational marijuana is not legal. However, Korine claims “the action takes place in Key West, in the far south of Florida.”

If you’ve ever been to the Florida Keys, you know how weird things can get around those parts. Since the film won’t be released until 2018, possibly more states will have legalized marijuana by then.



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