Friday, April 3, 2020

Matthew McConaughey

Will Matthew McConaughey’s ‘The Beach Bum’ Be The Best Stoner Movie Ever?

'The Beach Bum' could very well be an all-time great stoner movie, thanks to Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, and Harmony Korine.

14 Celebs Who Got Their Start In Campy Horror Flicks

Some of our favorite celebrities of today got their start in these cheesy horror flicks — many of which live solely online.

What Happened When Matthew McConaughey Got ‘Snooped’ By Snoop Dogg

Enter a new word to enter the cannabis lexicon—“Snooped.” What does it mean?

Gossip: Matthew McConaughey Was Almost In ‘Titanic’; Prince Harry Wants A Wedding Cake Made From Bananas

Matthew McConaughey was almost in ‘Titanic’; Prince Harry wants a wedding cake made from bananas.

Harmony Korine Plans To Show McConaughey Film In Marijuana Smoke-Filled Theaters

When you see Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine’s newest feature, he wants the theater experience to be one you remember.

Gossip: Conservative Site Reports Matthew McConaughey Just “Came Out Of The Closet”; No Nannies For Amal Clooney

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Conservative site reports Matthew McConaughey just “came out of the closet”; No nannies for Amal Clooney.

Don’t Call Matthew McConaughey ‘Matt’ Because His Name Is Matthew McConaughey

If you were to witness Matthew McConaughey doing Matthew McConaughey things and cheer him on, screaming, “Go Matt!" That would be bad.


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