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13 Amazing Wonder Woman Costumes For A Super Halloween

This year has been a big one for Wonder Woman, featuring the first blockbuster that brought the character to the big screen and an independent movie chronicling the story behind Wonder Woman’s creator (polygamy and BDSM!!!).

Wonder Woman made a lot of money over the summer, inspiring dozens of women only screenings of the film and a victory for the women’s equal pay movement in Hollywood, with Patty Jenkins, the director, becoming the highest paid female director in Hollywood history.

Currently, there’s so much variety in terms of what you can wear as Diana Prince’s alter ego that there could be two completely different Wonder Women in the same party and no one would confuse them. This time, you can actually enjoy your costume because you’ll know the story behind the character. We’ve swept the internet and found the best Wonder Woman costume ideas, which are surprisingly varied and include animals and children, which are always a plus.

Here are some of our favorites:

Wonder Woman & Superman

Mom & Daughter Wonder Women

Wonder Woman Striking A Pose

Steaming Wonder Woman

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Baby Wonder Woman

Doggy Wonder Woman

Thoughtful Wonder Woman

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Almost Naked Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman & Superman

Eyelashes Wonder Woman



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Wonder Woman In Action

Wonder Girl

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