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Is This Why Prince William Never Warmed Up To Meghan Markle?

It’s no secret that Prince William and Meghan Markle don’t have a close relationship. Not only is there tension between Will and her husband, Harry, but it’s been rumored that the future King wasn’t sold on her marrying his brother. But now, it turns out that the name “Meghan” never had a good standing with William. A new book claims that back at university, the Duke of Cambridge was turned down by an American with the same name.

In her new book Kate: The Future Queen, royal biographer Katie Nicholl writes that during his time at St. Andrews, Prince William had a huge thing for this girl named Meghann Gunderman. And she was not having it.

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“One of the first girls he spotted was the Texan heiress Meghann Gunderman, known as Gundy,” writes Nicholl. “When William asked her out-something he did not do lightly-it came as somewhat of a shock when she declined his advances. This seemed to make him want her more.”

According to Marie Claire, Meghann, who is the founder and executive director of The Foundation For Tomorrow, went on to marry former NFL star Jason Sehorn in 2017. Her birthday, by the way, is May 18 — the day before Meghan Markle and Harry’s anniversary.


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