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Gossip: Janet Jackson Isn’t Getting $500 Million For Wissam Al Mana Split; Kevin Spacey Trending On Twitter, Did He Come Out?

Janet Jackson’s longtime friend and creative director Gil Duldulao is spilling the tea about the singer’s split from Wissam Al Mana. Though some reports are suggesting the 50-year-old will receive a multi-million dollar settlement from Al Mana — who is worth an estimated $1 billion — per a prenuptial agreement, Duldulao says otherwise.

Taking to social media, he defended Jackson and denied claims the songstress had only stayed with her husband and had a child with him due to an alleged payout clause in their contract.

“Hi. I want to state what I have to say as a friend. Even if there was a possibility that my friend could make 500 mil off of having a child. It’s not in her character to want and or accept 500 mil,” he wrote on Instagram, alluding to Jackson without naming her. “It’s character people and she is not the one. She would never accept a pay out or want a pay out.”

He continued, “That’s the human being I know. So you f*ckers that state that — f*ck you. That’s not my friend and will never be. Point black period. AND if you checked your facts. She has been married for four years not 5 and something months to claim she will get 500mil.”

Jackson and Al Mana, 42, quietly married in 2012 after two years of dating. They welcomed their first child together — a son named Eissa — this January.

Kevin Spacey Is Trending On Twitter, Fans Wonder If He’s Dead Or Just Coming Out

Could Spacey, who has long dodged addressing his sexuality in the public sphere, finally be ready to bust open the closet door?

Or worse, could the “House of Cards” star have met an untimely end?!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down — he’s just hosting the Tony Awards. That was a close one.

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