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John Mayer Denies Sleeping With 500 Women; Prince Charles Is ‘Wary’ Of William’s Hot Temper

John Mayer Says He Has Not Slept with 500 Women

Last week, after an interview with Cazzie David on his Instagram Live show, John Mayer claims he had slept with “a soft 500″ women.

Now, Mayer is issuing is a correction:

“I made reference to being a sub-500 guy and you guys, I know, listen, it’s a tough world out there and you want people to like you. And I try to do it too,” he began. “But I feel like people might like you more if you would just go along with what the truth is… I also just wanna say that I thought about it over the week and I actually went back over my entire dating history and… my number is six. So I just wanted you to know that. That my number is six.”

Prince Charles is ‘wary’ of William’s mood swings, volatility & hot temper

William & Harry have often been angsty & tantrumy with Charles: Occasionally, the level of belligerence Charles has encountered from his sons has shocked the Prince, as both boys have, on occasion, challenged him. William has even been known to speak firmly in his father’s face. It is reminiscent of his mother’s hot temper. Insiders say that Harry and William have by no means always shown proper respect to the Prince of Wales and his office. To this day, Charles admits he often finds it difficult to gauge either of his sons’ occasionally unpredictable moods. ‘In that aspect of their nature, both princes are very much like their mother,’ one close source confirmed.

William is very competitive with his father & brother: William may be Charles’s heir, but he’s extremely competitive with members of his family when it comes to media coverage — although he gives the impression it doesn’t concern him. In reality, it does. Take Meghan and Harry’s appearance in Cardiff on a royal engagement in January. It was a time of peak interest in the couple. Intriguingly, William — who was also on a royal engagement — chose the same day to display a new and dramatic buzz cut hairstyle. As a result, Harry was not the only royal prince featured in the following day’s papers. As far as William is concerned, Harry is aware that his brother is Number One in the royal pecking order.

Everyone walks on eggshells around William: Many members of staff, even operators on the Palace switchboard, are aware that William can be ‘difficult’ or ‘a little grand’. Indeed, even Charles is said to be wary of his mood swings.

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