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Maroon 5 Advocates To End War On Marijuana

Adam Levine and his bandmates call to end the War on Marijuana and link decriminalization to advancing social justice causes in new song.

In Maroon 5’s latest music video, frontman Adam Levine sits alone in a backyard with a glass of red wine and weed grinder on the table beside him. The song is called “Nobody’s Love” and is inspired by world events of the past several months, including the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests.

But the video narrows its social justice focus to ending the War on Drugs and decriminalizing cannabis nationwide. We watch Levine pack and roll a cannabis joint during a moody Los Angeles night. He rocks a full-on quarantine beard and shaven head, resembling a knockoff Marvel supervillain of sorts.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images

Levine eventually lights the joint and puffs onscreen, singing: “Hit me like a drug and I can’t stop it / Fit me like a glove and I can’t knock it.” Then he hits the chorus: “If my love ain’t your love / It’s never gonna be nobody’s love.”

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The video ends with an advocacy message by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on screen.

“It’s time to end the War on Marijuana,” the statement reads. “The aggressive enforcement of marijuana possession laws needlessly ensnares hundreds of thousands of people into the criminal justice system and wastes billions of taxpayers’ dollars. What’s more, it is carried out with staggering racial bias. Despite being a priority for police departments, the War on Marijuana has failed to reduce marijuana use and availability and diverted resources that could be better invested in our communities.”

Maroon 5 and Interscope Records shared in a statement they would make a donation to the ACLU of Southern California fund.

Levine shared in a previous Rolling Stone interview how cannabis helps him the studio, although he doesn’t partake when performing live.

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“I can’t smoke weed socially, or when I’m going to play a show,” he told the publication. “If I smoked a joint and walked onstage, I’d have an anxiety attack. But it is absolutely necessary in the studio sometimes. It provides a different perspective, almost as if you’re hearing with different ears. It can be a beautiful thing.”


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