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WATCH: This Is The One Thing Comedian Joe Rogan Won’t Do High

During a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan detailed all the things he likes doing while high. But there is one thing he says he won’t do on weed.

Joe Rogan isn’t shy about his love for marijuana. The comedian has used his podcast to slam corporate cannabis monopolies and debate Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Ted Nugent over legalization. He convinced tech giant Elon Musk to smoke a joint and had Sen. Bernie Sanders first reveal his plan to legalize marijuana as president during his podcast. In truth, Joe Rogan would prefer everyone use cannabis if he had a choice.

But there is at least one instance in his life where Rogan prefers to be on solid ground.

During a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience”, Rogan detailed all the things he likes doing while high: lifting weights, yoga, run, chin-ups. But there is one thing he won’t do on weed.

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“Commentate on the UFC. I don’t like it,” he told guest Andrew Santino. “I’ve never done it really high. My worry is I wouldn’t want to talk about the fights. I’d want to talk about other things [like it’s a podcast.]”

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“It would be extremely disrespectful,” he added. “If while these people who dedicated months and years of their life training and preparing and here they are on the UFC and I barely pay attention to the fight. I’m subject to not pay attention if I’m high.”

You can watch the whole clip below to hear Rogan joking about where the best places to perform while high.

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