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Martha Stewart Can’t Believe Oprah Smokes Marijuana

Oprah loves her weed, or at least that’s what close friend Gayle King says. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, King said that she’s never smoked marijuana before but that Oprah has done so in the past. And in the present. And then things got awkward so she changed the subject because she didn’t want to incriminate her friend on live TV. It’s California, Gayle. It’s okay. Also, it’s Oprah: we’re pretty sure it’s illegal to charge her with any sort of crime.

No one cares about all of this information except maybe Martha Stewart and the paparazzi who were stalking the outside of her building. Martha seemed very confused when a photographer from TMZ suddenly asked her about Oprah’s new smoking habits. We understand her confusion; it’s a jarring transition.

At first, Martha responds, “Cigarettes?” playing coy, as if she didn’t co-host a show with Snoop Dogg where they cook marijuana-infused everything. After the paparazzi makes it clear that Oprah smokes weed and not cigarettes, Martha responds, “Weed?!” and then she says “End of Oprah,” because she’s either evil or a comedic genius. We’re betting on the latter one.


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