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Meghan Markle Named Most Attractive British Royal

Beating out actual British royals, Meghan Markle has been voted as the most attractive and relatable royal. Let’s not forget, she won’t actually become royalty until she marries Prince Harry May 19.

These results are backed up by science, according to the Daily Mail, which consulted with a Harley Street doctor. Surgeon Dr. Julian Da Silva obtained these results by mapping out Markle’s face and comparing it to the rest of the female royals, concluding that Markle was the hottest one. Yay for science. Markle came closest to scoring 100 percent on the golden ratio, which, according to the ancient Greeks, is said to reveal perfect physical beauty. That was a really long time ago, so we should all take this information with a grain of salt.

Dr. Da Silva claimed that Markle has the perfect nose and that her eyes are positioned exactly right.

Via Daily Mail:

Meghan and Kate both really stood out and got significantly higher marks than the three other princesses.

Meghan has beautiful facial symmetry and gets closer than any other princess to having what the Greeks considered the perfect face.

On a different poll, Hello! Magazine reports that Markle was voted as the most relatable female royal, following closely was Prince Harry, who was the most relatable out of all the monarchs. Again, Markle’s not yet a royal. But good for her.

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