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Meghan Markle’s Nephew Is Developing A Cannabis Strain Called Markle’s Sparkle

Meghan Markle’s estranged nephew Tyler Dooley gave an interview a couple of weeks ago where he claimed that he was happy for Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry and that he wished her the best, even though he wasn’t invited to the wedding despite the fact that they’re family and grew up together. He has no hard feelings at all.

Dooley decided the next best thing to being invited to Markle’s wedding was to be with her in spirit. A very high spirit. The Daily Mail reports that even though cannabis isn’t legal in Britain, Dooley is developing a potent strain that’ll be called Markle’s Sparkle. He claims that if Prince Harry and Meghan were to visit him in Grants Pass, Oregon, he’d be more than happy to offer them a sample. Come on guys, he really wants to go the wedding.

While Dooley claims that he doesn’t consume marijuana anymore, his entire family is involved in his business, with his mom doing their advertising. His company is called the Southern Oregon Cannabis Connection, and it began in 2015, back when marijuana was first legalized in Oregon. He now runs the company with two of his friends.

Dooley said that even though England is behind on cannabis law, Markle grew up in California and has an American point of view on marijuana. He also said that “Prince Harry enjoys a good party,” while reiterating that he’d be happy to show the couple around Oregon.


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