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Meme Of The Week: Melania Trump Doesn’t Know How To Garden

Melania Trump is getting a harsh reminder that the internet never forgets. In this instance, the content isn’t even all that incriminating, it’s just an awkward picture that features her “gardening.” It’s funnier than it sounds.

Huffington Post reports that the photo was taken a while ago, in September 2017, when Melania Trump was planting and harvesting vegetables with the Boys & Girls Club of America. After looking at the photo for a few seconds you might wonder just why it didn’t go viral when it first came out.

Model and author Chrissy Tiegen was one of the first to comment on the photo, mentioning how spotless Melania’s shoes look and how unlikely it is that she’s actually gardening. Her large following made the tweet go viral in a few hours. The post now has over 10 thousand Retweets and 130 thousand likes.

Users were quick to join in and add even more jokes, photo shopping Melania into other scenarios, adding in a dancing Michael Jackson and commenting on how spotless her outfit and hair looks. Maybe people are being really mean and Melania is the cleanest and smoothest gardener around. Who knows. The jokes are still great.

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