Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Meme Of The Week: Young Cardi B Is The Sassy Response For Every Occasion

Cardi B took over the worldย  last year with a couple of amazing songs and collaborations with singers, and an enviable attitude and personality. With a combination of sassiness and hilarity, Cardi B gave us millions of reaction gifs and phrases that lend themselves to almost every situation.

A photo of 5-year-old Cardi, who simultaneously looks adorable and like she’s judging you, is her latest viral offering that lends itself perfectly for a meme, with people attaching different phrases on it while putting the image on different scenarios.

Most of these memes start with the phrase “My mommy says,” followed by a situation that’s funny and eerily reminiscent of your childhood. You may find yourself identifying with Cardi – if you were an annoying kid – or remembering someone who was just like her.

Other versions of these memes take things further by photoshopping Cardi in different spots and giving the jokes more ammo.

Even Offset accepts the charm of the Cardi B meme and wears it proudly.

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