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Nick Jonas Is Making A Bollywood Movie; Iggy Azalea Finished Concert As Backup Dancer Suffered Seizure

Nick Jonas Making Bollywood Movie – EXCLUSIVE

Nick Jonas is saying ‘goodbye’ to Hollywood following his marriage to Priyanka Chopra and ‘hello’ to India!

“Nick and his wife are looking at homes in India and Nick is already getting offers to star in Bollywood movies,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “He has fallen in love with India and its culture and they have fallen in love with Nick. It is hard to understand in America just how big a star Priyanka is in her country. This wedding in India was like Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s. America might be losing Nick, but we still have a few other Jonas’!”

Iggy Azalea Defends Finishing Concert as Backup Dancer Suffers a Seizure Mid-Song

Iggy Azalea experienced a terrifying moment when one of her backup dancers suffered a seizure during a concert.

The incident took place on Thursday night, when Iggy was performing for a concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The rapper was singing her song “Black Widow,” when one of her three dancers suddenly fell to the floor in front of the shocked audience. Iggy continued to perform, unaware of the severity of the young woman’s condition. She immediately called for a medic to come onstage, before eventually finishing out the show.

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However, the Australian native became the subject of much criticism because of her decision to let the show go on. Iggy later defended herself against the claims on Instagram, where she also gave an update on the dancer’s condition.

In her statement, Iggy wrote: “Just want to let everyone asking know my dancer is OKAY!”

“The light & heat caused her to have a seizure,” Azalea explained. “She is backstage feeling much better.”

Post-Angie, Jennifer Aniston And George Clooney Close Again! – EXCLUSIVE

Jennifer Aniston is getting super close with George Clooney again following Brad Pitt’s breakup with Angelina Jolie.

“Jen visited George, Amal and the twins at their home in Italy over the summer when she was filming,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “She always liked George but didn’t know Amal or the babies. After Brad left her for Angelina Jolie things were awkward. George is very close to Brad and when you break up sometimes you have to split up with friends too. But now that Angie is gone, Jen is thrilled to be getting close with George and his entire family. Seeing him as a dad was fantastic.”


Coca-Cola Could Change The Cannabis Industry

They flirted with it in 2018 but with rescheduling will they make a move? Coca-Cola could change the cannabis industry.


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