Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Help Seattle Seahawks LB Cassius Marsh Find His Stolen Magic Cards

It’s refreshing when we’re occasionally reminded that the giant, superhuman NFL players we see doing freakishly athletic things every Sunday are just like us in other ways. A perfect and nerdy example is Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Cassius Marsh, who took to Twitter yesterday to ask for the safe return of his stolen Magic: The Gathering card collection.

Fox Sports notes that the cards are valued at between $20,000 and $25,000. The collection was reportedly stolen Tuesday night after Marsh’s girlfriend went to a nightclub in downtown Seattle and someone smashed in one of her car windows.

The 24-year-old told the Seattle Times he’s been playing the game for years and began seriously collecting the cards after he went pro in 2014. “I’m a nerd, for sure,” he said. “I’ve been playing since I was 11. How people like gaming, I like cards.”

“It’s not even the money,” he added. “I really enjoy playing the game. To me, that’s what I do to get my mind off things sometimes. You know how people zone out sometimes? That’s how I zone out. It’s hurtful because those are one things I really care about.”

In two and a half seasons in the NFL, Marsh has played in 29 games, recorded 27 tackles and two sacks, and forced one fumble.

And if you for some reason think it’s a good and cool idea to taunt a 270-pound, 6’4” professional football player about being a Magic card-collecting nerd, Marsh has a response ready for you.

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