Thursday, November 30, 2023

Trouble Falling Asleep? Napflix Will End Tossing And Turning

Napflix is a Spanish “siesta video platform” created by Victor Gutierrez de Tena and Francesc Perez that has a selection of the most boring and sleepy videos available, all collected with the purpose of helping you catch 40 (or four years worth of) winks.

So many people are guilty of falling sleep while the TV is on, some need the stimulation — the light and sound of it — to fall asleep every night. Even though scientists say that unhealthy, it is a phenomenon that has only increased with the surge of video-streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc., that provide addictive content that leads to a never-ending cycle of sleepless nights and shitty mornings.

Napflix emulates Netflix not only in name but in layout, but trades the vivid red for a mellow green. The website features all types of videos, ranging from educational to religious, and all are mind-numbingly boring and repetitive. The videos are chosen according to a few factors, but all have quiet content that makes it hard for you to stay awake while watching.

We’ve selected some videos from different categories to give you a taste of Napflix. Who knows, this might be your new thing:

Original Napflix: Subway

We’ve all had that feeling of falling asleep on the subway; the clickey-clack movement of the train, the packed environment, the repetitive sound that makes our eyelashes flutter. Are you falling asleep yet?

You can now have this feeling from the comfort of your home with this 24-minute original Napflix video that shows the full ride from Canal Street to Coney Island.

Mark Okrand on Klingon

Unless you really want to learn Klingon and join the USS Enterprise, this vid will put you out in 10 minutes…if you really want to learn Klingon, you’ll be out in 15.

Solemn High Traditional Latin Mass, Cathedral of The Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento (May 5th, 2012) HD

This one is about 90 minutes long, featuring some cool organ sounds and singing at the beginning that might entertain for the novelty of it. Then it veers into your typical mass recording that will surely get you to fall asleep unless you’re an avid believer.

10-Hour Timer

This is a silent 10-hour video timer. That’s it. It has 5 beeps at the end and couldn’t possibly be any more boring.

Sheep Breeds – 1954 Agriculture / Educational Film – S88TV1

This 24-minute educational video will make you an expert on all types of sheep, their breeds, meats, wools, etc. If that is not sleep inducing enough, you can try counting them.


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