Monday, August 3, 2020
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Prince Harry Is Excited To Be Moving Out Of Kensington Palace

News outlets claim that Prince Harry feels “imprisoned” in Kensington Palace, and is happy to be moving into Windsor palace. This bit of news follows a week filled with media speculation where publications alluded that Meghan Markle can’t wait to move out of Kensington Palace because of her poor relationship with Kate Middleton.

“Markle has hastened the brothers’ decision to go their separate ways in terms of living arrangements,” The Daily Mail reports. The article also credits her “opinionated personality” and Harry’s desire to give his wife what she wants as a reason behind the move.

According to a palace insider, Harry is “rather dictatorial,” and even though he loves nephews, niece, and brother, he can’t wait to move out in order to escape the “goldfish bowl of royal life for the sake of his marriage and his unborn child.”

Frogmore Cottage is located in the Windsor estate and is much more secluded than Kensington Palace, which is open all year round for the public and is located in the middle of London. Prince William is expected to live there since he’s in line for the throne and must remain close to the capital but Harry is free to make other choices and step out of the spotlight.

“Frogmore, which is inside the Windsor security zone [where the main house is only open to the public for a couple of days a year] is secluded, peaceful, tranquil and, most importantly, private. No one will see them coming or going.”

That sounds like a good enough reason to move in, and that’s without taking into account the added stress of living with your in-laws.


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