Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Priyanka Chopra’s Gift To Baby Archie Will Make You Feel Both Nostalgic And Completely Ordinary

Baby Archie, the blessed child of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, is not even a month old yet and already he has amassed a gift collection that most of us can only dream of (at least we assume this to be the case).

One of Markle’s best friends, the new Mrs. Nick Jonas, also known as Priyanka Chopra, gifted little Archie something straight out of the “you definitely don’t need this” catalog. Upon news that her London BFF gave birth to the newest royal, Chopra gave the kid a $250 Tiffany & Co. sterling silver bubble blower (the price does not include the actual bubble liquid. Repeat, the price does not include the actual bubbles).

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And while Chopra and her husband have yet to actually meet Archie — Chopra’s camp told The Sun that the actress has not yet met Archie — nothing says “keep your standards high” like an obscenely priced toy.

[h/t Yahoo! Lifestyle]


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