Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Sneaky Way Kate Middleton Is Stealing The Spotlight From Meghan Markle

Before Meghan Markle came along with her Hollywood status, lifestyle blog and idolized fashion sense, Kate Middleton ruled the royal roost. But now that Markle has a newborn baby and Prince Harry to keep her in the spotlight, the Duchess of Cambridge is subtly letting people know she’s not going to take a backseat to anyone.

If you’ve noticed, Kate has been in the news more than usual lately. Sure, one of the reasons is because her husband is accused of cheating on her, but the Kensington Palace Instagram account is filled with family photos. Cute behind-the-scenes look at royal life? Sure. Well-time PR stunt? Absolutely.

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Look closely at the date some of these “we’re just a normal family frolicking in the garden” pics were posted:

May 19. Any royal watcher knows that’s the date of Meghan and Harry’s wedding anniversary. Coincidence? It could be, but it’s unlikely, as royal social media platforms aren’t managed on a whim. They photos are intentional.

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“What you have is a couple not wanting to be overshadowed and a couple not wanting to be sidelined,” royal expert Camilla Tominey told UK’s This Morning show recently, adding, “Why would you release photographs that [the newspapers] all want to run? It seems like there’s a bit of a clash.”

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According to Now to Love, in addition to well-timed Instagram posts letting us peer into her life as a royal, making herself more accessible to the general public, Kate is immersing herself in charity work.

Her style has also become a little less stodgy and more modern — a return to the pre-Meghan days when Kate was the most fashionable royal.

Kate is a woman on a mission. So it appears, anyway.


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