Friday, September 25, 2020
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Rapper Tyga Teases New Weed Strain To Celebrate Hit Single ‘Taste’

You may be wondering at this point in time if there are any rappers left to join the cannabis industry, but it appears that none other than Tyga is ready to take his turn in line. Tyga’s career is experiencing a second wind, thanks to the Offset-assisted single “Taste,”,  which you’ve undoubtedly heard on the radio.

Last weekend, Tyga teased a cannabis strain tie-in to the song also called Taste. The rapper posted a picture of himself inside a grow room with the caption, “Lil babies @tastekush coming soon.” The Instagram page Tyga links to is for what looks like a new cannabis business.

Filling the page are pictures of a similar-looking grow room that Tyga appears in. In fact, the first post from the company back on June 26 features Tyga as well, with his arms over his head, and a caption that simply reads, “#TasteKush.”

Scrolling through the company’s Instagram page reveals other possible clues. “Everyone stay tuned @tastekush is coming strong, exclusive taste kush strain only by us, and the first drop will be coming very soon,” reads one post, which is tagged ADCC Dispensary, hinting where interested parties might find the upcoming Taste Kush.

Another post reads, “The future is looking green. #Tastekush dropping soon,” while Tyga’s “Taste” single plays in the background, solidifying the relationship between the two.

Rappers establishing their own cannabis strains isn’t exactly new, however. Wiz Khalifa, Freddie Gibbs, and Cam’ron have all experimented with one-off weed strains that bear their brand. But Tyga could also follow in the footsteps of Berner or Paul Wall, who used a cannabis strain to build a complete brand line of products around. Whether Tyga goes this way or not remains to be seen.


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