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Job Alert: Rich The Kid Wants To Hire Two Professional Blunt Rollers

In this economy, everyone’s looking for jobs wherever they can find them, no matter how unorthodox the job description may be. And if you happen to be an ace backwoods roller, rapper Rich the Kid has a gig for you.

The artist, who rose to fame with his “Plug Walk” hit single, is tired of rolling his own blunts. Rich initially joked he needed “a personal blunt roller tho” in an Instagram post where he posed with his new driver, Boris, who was apparently “hired right out of the dealership,” according to the rapper’s Instagram.


About two hours later it appears Rich the Kid was far from joking. He posted an Instagram video where he appears beside two large bags overflowing with bud, puffing on a fat Backwoods blunt. The rapper announced he was looking to hire two professional blunt rollers for $5,000 cash.

“I’m looking for two professions blunt rollers,” he said in the clip. “You gotta be able to roll blunts in two minutes, and have backwoods look like this,” he said while flashing his blunt. “I’m paying cash money. Racks if you can roll these blunts.”

While you may wonder why Rich the Kid wouldn’t just hire one of his buddies on the low for a gig like this, the post energized his fans. They spilled into the rapper’s comments, offering their resumes. “I can roll a quarter of weed in a wood in 40 seconds and I’m a physics major with a 4.0,” wrote one user.

Again, we’re not sure how serious a job offer this is from Rich the Kid — he looks awfully high in the video — but it’s about putting yourself out there, right? Not a bad gig if you can get it.

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