Sunday, September 24, 2023

Ryan Seacrest Recalls When He Clogged Kris Jenner’s Toilet; Britney Spears Sues Over Claims Her Team Is Doctoring Her Instagram Page

Ryan Seacrest Recalls ‘Nightmare’ Incident When He Clogged Kris Jenner’s Toilet

Via People:

Seacrest, 44, revealed that during a trip to the Kardashian matriarch’s Hidden Hills mansion, he was perplexed about how to use one of the home’s many toilets.

“So she’s got a bathroom in the entryway,” Seacrest began to explain of Jenner’s home, to cohost Kelly Ripa, who joked the room was, “made out of complete jade!”

Seacrest continued, recalling, “So I’m in there, and the toilet, it’s like one of those electronic toilets, but it’s black, so you can’t see any of the buttons, and [the room is] dimly lit, and I can’t find the light switch, and there’s one candle lit.”

“So I go to the bathroom,” he went on. “And I use the toilet paper, and put it in the thing, and try to find the flush, and I can’t find the flush. So now what do I do? I can’t find the flush and someone is going to come in and use the toilet.”

The American Idol host carried on, explaining that he began searching for the button to flush the toilet, in fear that another Kardashian-Jenner family member would come in next and find an unpleasant surprise.

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“The technology was messed up, and it wouldn’t flush,” Seacrest added, with Ripa interjecting, “Oh, what a nightmare!”

“So I flush it, and the water just builds,” Seacrest says. “I am watching the water level rise.”

He admits that in his moment of panic, he almost attempted what Jenner’s son-in-law Kanye West might call a “Poopy-di scoop.“

“I’m thinking to myself ‘What do I do?’ Do I stick my hand in there? Do I say, ‘Hey Khloe, don’t tell Kim and Kourtney, but can you help me out over here?’ Or do I just tell Kris, I think your toilet has got a problem?”

Ripa jumped in to give her take on the cringe-inducing tale, explaining to her co-host, “When in doubt, go to the mom. We’ve seen it.”

“I know, but I was too embarrassed,” Seacrest replied, admitting that he was left without options when Ripa asked what he did next.

“I just left it there,” he said with a laugh, before joking to the camera, “Keep this between us!”

Britney Spears Sues Over Claims Her Team Is Doctoring Her Instagram Page

Via Yahoo:

Britney Spears’ father has filed a defamation lawsuit against the guy behind an Instagram account who claimed the singer’s team doctors her Instagram page to make her seem unstable.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Spears is suing a guy named Anthony Steven, who runs the Instagram account “Absolute Britney.” That account made headlines earlier this month with a post claiming that Spears’ team has been “deleting positive comments on her Instagram post and leaving negative ones to keep up the illusion that she needs help.”

Britney and Jamie Spears (who filed the lawsuit in his role as conservator over Britney) claim they “have sat by while fans accused them of numerous false and malicious things, including attempts to mislead the public with the content that appears on her social media.”

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Spears claims that Steven has “made it his mission to spread numerous false and malicious lies on the Internet about Britney, her conservatorship, and her team, including that those around Britney are harming her and not acting in her best interests.”

He says at one point, “Enough is enough. Neither Jamie nor anybody else who works with or for Britney is deleting positive comments on Instagram to negatively portray Britney, or acting in violation of anybody’s human rights. It is time that Steven understands that his words have consequences and he cannot blindly spout his baseless theories any longer.”


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